Monday, April 16, 2012

Julie Watai & mishmash* Debut Single "Roll of Love"

FLASH NEWS UPDATE: April 21, 2012

The original Japanese version of this song "Koi No Tamashii" is ranked as the number one best seller on Amazon Japan.

FLASH NEWS UPDATE: April 19, 2012

This debut single by mishmash* and Julie Watai is now ranked at the number one and number two positions for hit songs/most popular downloads on Amazon Japan:

Roll Of Love #1

Julie Watai & Mishmash Debut Single Roll of Love

Just released the other day, here is the short version of the international debut single by Julie Watai and mishmash* entitled "Roll of Love" with music video by Kerokeroking:

The long version of this song is available on iTunes and Amazon Japan. mishmash* aka. Toyoaki Mishima 美島豊明 is the sound programmer for the world-renowned musician and producer Cornelius. There is a rumor that this solo project could soon become a full-length album.

Julie Watai & mishmash* Debut Single Roll of Love


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  1. Julie's voice combined with mishmash's full wall of sound will make this a very popular song!

  2. Cool music video. Are you sure this is from Japan? The English lyrics are grammatically correct.

  3. Yup I get the point.

  4. This song is brilliant. Thank you for posting it.

  5. Thanks alot guys. Yeah, this is a really great song. I love it! You can read more about it in Japanese here.