Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Japan's 'Flying Female Panties Day' 3-6-10

Japan's Flying Female Panties Day 3-6-10

Today we discovered that back on March 6, 2010, Japan had it's first 'Flying Female Panties Day' in Akihabara, Tokyo. According to Hobby Media, this started as a collaboration between the award-winning science fiction writer Hōsuke Nojiri and a company known as Questioners and some other geeks including Nico Nico Video's [NHK] Live Webcast group and others. So they all got together planned and promoted this one-day event and also developed a unique "ornithopter" made of elastic, balsa wood and women's undergarments for the "Sky Festival" that was held in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Akihabara or "Akiba" is commonly known as "Electric Town" and nowadays it has become Tokyo's sexy central with various cos-play fashion stores, maid cafes and a very popular 7-story sex shop known as m's.

Prior to the "Sky Festival", they also produced a very cute very annoying Japanese language video showing how to correctly make the bikini briefs into flying sexual harassment machines:

So to summarize, basically, the Questioners company developed and sold some 2,000 yen “Panty ornithopter” kits that were then made into some rubber-band powered perverted planes. Other people brought other planes and flew them too and Nico Live [NHK] braodcast the entire day's activities live on the internet. At this point, it is very tempting to just say "Because Japan" on all of this. But, actually, there was a reason for this production. And that was that this event was inspired by a viral web video entitled "Sora No Otoshimono Ending 2" which depicts hundreds of women’s panties magically flying like birds:

Yes folks, believe it or not, they reenacted a famous anime TV show ending! Now that is some serious loyalty, indeed. It should also be noted that the Sora no Otoshimono "Heaven's Lost Property" show is a very well-known "romantic comedy" loved by millions of people in Japan and throughout the world.

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