Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Japanese JR Jingles For Train Lovers

Via shibuyaonthebeach October 9, 2012

For all of you train otakus lovers, we just now discovered an impressive collection of Japanese JR jingles! Featured amongst this set are some classical music tunes that have been done over in pure Japanese Kawaiiology! Here are just a few of those remade vintage melodies:

Now before you ask "WTF Japan?" remember all of these tunes are now in use on a daily basis at JR train stations throughout the nation. But if you really want to experience the full effect, visit the Yamanote Line Music Library to hear all arriving and departing songs for each station on one of the world's most busiest train lines.

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  1. That's it.... I'm moving to Japan to live there forever.

  2. The Japanese are superior to all other human beings with their perfect trains and overkill cute culture.

  3. I no longer ask "WTF Japan?" instead I just say only one word out loud "Japan!"