Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Update on "Racism in Japan" Video by Medama Sensei

Update on Racism in Japan Video by Medama Sensei

Today Medama Sensei aka. "Miki Dezaki" released a follow up video to his controversial "Racism in Japan" clip of his classroom lesson about Japanese discrimination. After that class, his students were enlightened, there were no complaints from anyone and the vice principal of his school even said that he wished more students could have attended Dezaki's lesson.
“The reaction was so positive,” he said. "These kids have heard the stories of their parents being discriminated against by the mainland Japanese. They know this stuff. But the funny thing is that they weren’t making the connection that that was discrimination.”
But when he uploaded that lesson as a video to Youtube last week, it turned more than a few heads and generated a very negative backlash from some right-wing, racist Japanese netizens known as the "netouyu" or "nettouyoku" (ネット右翼) who even sent him death threats:
“I recently made a video about Racism in Japan, and am currently getting bombarded with some pretty harsh, irrational comments from Japanese people who think I am purposefully attacking Japan,” [snip]

"If I should have anticipated something, I should have anticipated the netouyu,” said Dezaki.

Here is Dezaki's original "Racism in Japan" video:

And here is today's release "Racism in Japan Part 2":

The netouyu created quite a stir by hacking into Dezaki's social networks and then by contacting his previous employers, local politicians and Okinawa’s board of education and complained about Dezaki's video through numerous telephone calls. This reaction also earned him a write up featured in the Washington Post. Dezaki is an American English teacher in Okinawa who previously gained some notoriety with his other videos entitled “What Americans think of Japan”, "Sh*t Japanese Girls Say", "Hitchhiking Okinawa" and "Being Gay in Japan".

Be sure to see more of Mike Dezaki's interesting videos here.


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  1. It will be interesting to see if Mr. Dezaki can keep his job for much longer. I hope that he can and I hope he makes more videos too.

  2. There is something fundamentally wrong with a society that permits a group of "adults" to react in such an imbecilic manner without reproach. Once again the government of Japan has failed to step in and put an end to this harassment.