Sunday, May 26, 2013

CNN: Homeless Kids in DPRK Documentary

Via CNN May 13, 2013

In a long overdue change of format, CNN recently released a short documentary on homeless children in the DPRK entitled "Orphaned and Homeless in North Korea". This very short but powerful docudrama features two students who were abandoned by their parents many years ago in "The Hermit Kingdom". The first is Yoon Hee a 19-year-old escapee who found a foster home in South Korea. The other is an anonymous young man who feels fortunate to receive the South Korean government's support and education. Both are students at the Hangyeore School a special school for children and teenagers from North Korea.

Principal Gwok Jong Moon summarized the situation for many young escapees: "Although freedom was given to them in South Korea, severe [academic] competition, delayed development, educational disparity and discrimination makes it extremely difficult for them to adjust properly. So we provide those students education through special programs, emotional and psychological treatments, and social and cultural adaptation skills."

This documentary is only four and a half minutes in duration, but it is one of the first, or possibly the first feature released by CNN on this very important subject. Hopefully, there will be more like this released by more mass media entities in the near future. "Orphaned and Homeless in North Korea" was produced by Nick Scott and narrated by Jonathan Binder. It was translated by Jin Kang, Sindy Kang, Sarah Kim, Annie Sunin Lee and InHee Yoo.

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  1. Good documentary. Why has it taken CNN so long to do this?

  2. How did she get out of prison? Did they just let her go? Maybe. I have read where they now put the captured escapees in three-month prisons for the first offense. After that it's much longer though.

  3. 16,000 views for this video and more than 1 billion views for Gangnam Style, then we ask ourselves why the world is so f#cked.

  4. I think that more children and teenagers are now successfully escaping from the north. But, unfortunately, earlier today Loas apprehended nine kids aged 15-23 and sent them back to China!@#%$($@