Sunday, August 19, 2012

Premiere of "Camp 14 - Total Control Zone"

Premiere of Camp 14 - Total Control Zone

This horrifying documentary film is based on the life of Shin Dong-Huyk who was born in the North Korean re-education Camp 14 located in Kaechon, South Pyongan Province. Shin had no concept of the world outside the camp until he escaped at the age of 23. To date he is the only known person to have been born within and then successfully escaped from a maximum security camp in the DPRK. He tells a terrifying tale of extremely dangerous labor, daily beatings, inhumane torture, forced abortions, infanticide, public executions and cold-blooded murder committed by the prison guards. This film also includes the testimonies of Oh Yang-nam an ex-secret policeman and Hyuk Kwon a former guard at Camp 14. Below is the official movie trailer:

"Camp 14 - Total Control Zone" will premiere at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival with the schedule of its showing to be announced on August 21st.

UPDATE: This film can now be seen on Netflix.

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  1. This looks very interesting. I'm guessing that there will be even more films like this made as the North opens up more.

  2. The Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong-un, the Son of Military First North Korea will lead the Juche state to Final Victory over the inferior lap dog enemy! Prepare for the sacred war!

  3. "I would like to return to North Korea my home
    To a labor camp for prisoners."

    After hearing that first sentence, my brain immediately asploded with a massive overload of WTF!