Sunday, May 05, 2013

Meet Chinese "Godfather" Zhou Yongkang

Via China Uncensored May 3, 2013

Most likely you have heard at least some of Kim Jong Un's recent political sabre rattling and his plans to destroy the US, South Korea and Japan blah blah blah ad nauseum. However, very recently it has become more and more quiet up North as with each day that passes, no "enemy states" of "The Dear Leader" have yet to spontaneously burst into flames or just surrender. Oh wait a minute! Actually France did surrender to North Korea last month. So that makes the score North Korea 1 vs. The Rest of The World 0. So it appears as though North Korea is "winning". OK, fine.

Now back to the main theme here. Which is, most likely, you've heard of the legendary movie "The Godfather". Well, there is a very dark, shadowy figure who is, among other thugs things, Kim Jong Un's "Chinese Godfather". And today is our lucky day as we all get to meet the man with a sinister plan, the man who enjoys throwing political dissidents into Masanjia Labor Death Camp and other illegal prisons. The man who was the former head of the CCP's Super Secret Police who once commanded an annual budget that was larger than China's military! The man who once controlled the entire nations' oil industry! The man - as Chris Chappell so hilariously describes him - as a "people person. That is, he is a person who spends a lot of his time torturing - people." And, finally, the man who has enough political and economic power to start a nuclear World War Three (or at least another Korean war), ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the one, the only Zhou Yongkang:


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  1. If all of this is known about him, why is he not in jail already?

    Oh wait. My Bad! My Bad!

    "Because China"

  2. He probably knows too much to be arrested, tried and jailed. If they arrest him, they'll end having to arrest more than half of the goburnmint!

  3. Breaking News: The North Korean government is now telling its people that they have "granted mercy" to the USA, South Korea and Japan and removed the missiles. This was done after the leaders of all three countries bent down on their knees and begged the Supreme Leader for forgiveness according to inside sources.