Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chinese Female Special Forces Photo

Chinese Female Special Forces Photo


Via Xinhua English.news.cn July 30, 2013

Just released earlier today, here is a nice shot from Xinhua English.new's photo essay on the Soldiers of China's female special forces unit. Editor: Fang Yang


Because China: People's Liberation Army in Action!

Chinese Military Multifunction Shovel Demo Video


  1. Is this a call to arms? And legs? Feet? Hands? Fingers? Toes? I SURRENDER! TAKE ME I'M YOURS!

  2. someothergaijin9:54 PM, July 30, 2013

    Yet more proof that the Chinese are superior to all other human beings on the whole entire planet.

  3. Obviously this is the legendary Y.B.F. Team 6. First they will disarm you. Then they will dishonor you! O_O IT'S A TRAP!!!

  4. Do these actresses look like they will even shoot a god damned gun?

    All are government paid whores and descendants of comfort women. They don't shoot - but they make the men fire away!