Friday, March 25, 2011

Prophecy of Japan Nuclear Holocaust

In 1990, one of Japan's greatest film producers Akira Kurosawa wrote the screenplay for his movie Dreams. This film consists of eight vignettes based on actual dreams that Kurosawa experienced. One of those is this prophetic and harrowing story entitled "Mount Fuji in Red":

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  1. You know you've been in Japan too long when disaster movies become all too real! Sayonara!

  2. Ojisan: "Japan is so small, there is no escape."
    Bakachan--"Yes, we all know that: RUN!!"

  3. Oh My God! This is quite terrifying. Take care all. And now it looks like its all getting even more worse:

  4. "No accidents, no danger. That's what they told us. What liars!"

  5. Don't know... we is in a worstest case scenario... and still here to talk aboot it while the biggest concern resolve around slightly radioactive spinach, and maybe a bit more cancer cases in 20 years... And all because the Tepco dunces pulled a "we knows best" while cutting corner beyond what could be considered clinically insane... not so bad in fact... (without forgetting the fact that a 30 yo plant gracefully handled a M9 earthquake...)

    The gulf oil spill from the deepwater horizon is already poisonning a good part of the cleanup crews, the ecosystem is ravaged, the dispersant were even worse than the oil pollution... And there is not much helraising panics...

  6. Thanks Gaspard,

    Yeah, I agree with you. There is alot of hype going on over the Fukushima disaster. Let's hope it can all be resolved soon.

    Also, I think that the BP oil spill, the current TEPCO disaster, the US financial crisis, China's housing bubble, wars in the middle east and many other man-made disasters are all the direct result of neoliberal capitalism. And until it is changed or completely eliminated, then there will just be more and more catastrophic disasters that, in time, will come to destroy all natural resources and all life on the planet. God help us all!

  7. Hey Pongi,

    Do you still think the Fukushima disaster was hyped up?

    Are you in with the same crowd that didn't want to cause panic by being honest, and instead prefered to lie about the fact that there were multiple nuclear meltdowns on site within 48 hours of the earth quake? Or even the fact that the tsunami may have not even caused the meltdowns, now the latest facts indicate it was the quake itself which caused sufficient structural damage to cause this catastrophe.

    Either way the interesting thing about facts is they don't go away no matter how much you ignore them. With facts like Fukushima being a INES Level 7 disaster, burned nuclear fuel pools, melted fuel rods, breached reactors, 3 meltdowns and building 4 structurally compromised to the point where it could collapse, then to top it all off a typhoon heading that way, It think the conclusion is pretty obvious.

    Japan is screwed

  8. Thanks Anonymous,

    With all the info and data that has recently been released/discovered, it is clear that there never was any kind of conspiracy "theory" at all. It has been and still is a conspiracy fact: TEPCO and the government withheld the truth from the beginning. Now the Russians have said that if TEPCO/JGovernment had fully disclosed that meltdowns were occurring on 3-11, then they could have provided information on the measures needed to take in order to put out the fires. Instead, TEPCO now has multiple criticalities to deal with and they don't even have a clue on what to do. And now the first of several typhoons are on the way!

    There is no doubt that this is now the world's greatest man-made disaster ever.

    Take care.