Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Banksy - The Antics Roadshow

Banksy, the world's most well-known unknown street artist, moved into movie production with last year's Oscar-nominated Exit Through The Gift Shop. This year he recently produced a very funny and entertaining British TV documentary called "The Antics Roadshow." While his movie was mostly about himself and other well-known street artists, his new hit TV film highlights some of the world's most famous and funny anarchic pranksters, trolls, imposters, "comic terrorists" and others whose humorous antics are not always well received, especially by the police! Featured within this one-hour documentary are French comic Remi Gaillard, celebrity pie throwing master Noel Godin, the very controversial Russian performance art collective VOINA and more. Be sure to see this documentary before it gets taken down:

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  1. Hey Pongi, good film. I really enjoyed it. Thanks alot, see you soon.

  2. Oh man. It was taken down. Damn.

  3. I just found a new location, but not sure how long it will be there so check it out! Antics Roadshow