Thursday, August 25, 2011

WTF Japanese Milk Commercial #2

From WTF Japan Seriously here is yet another very wild and wacky Japanese TV commercial about milk. But instead of high-end graphics and actual milk itself, this commercial employs some synchronized pop and lock dance moves as well as many incredible acrobatic stunts. Also if you watch closely, you will see the mother engaged in the all-new Japanese sport of split walking :

And in case you're wondering "What is the #1 Japanese Milk Commercial?" Well, here it is:

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  1. That's a great new Japanese TV commercial.

  2. Fap accomplished 2x.

  3. This is one reason why the Japanese are superior to all other humans.

  4. Without the Bukke Milk CM, wouldn't milk promotion in lactose intolerant Japan be a huge problem?

  5. Yes Mr. Taro, this is a problem. A very big problem in fact. As you probably know, many Asian folks are born without the enzyme required to break down milk so therefore drinking milk causes serious problems for children. So it is because of that and the fact that the traditional Japanese diet does not include milk, we almost never see Captain Crunch, Raisin Bran or other cereals in Japanese supermarkets.

    Also milk still has the perceived stigma of making one fat, ugly and sick and this is especially believed by many Japanese females. But, of course, the truth is that milk is very healthy and lactose intolerance eventually disappears in 75% of all adults worldwide. However, people who learned not to drink milk as kids, don't drink it as adults and that lack of milk then causes many other health problems in the latter years.

    The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is well aware of this, so they funded the production of the first video above in an effort to get female kids and female adults to drink more milk. They have to do this as skyrocketing medical health care costs are overwhelming the social insurance system.

    And, of course, that is a very huge problem for the entire nation because many hospitals are now operating in the red or have just closed down altogether. So for sure there will be many more Japanese TV commercials like this one frequently seen from now on.