Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tommy Lee Jones Acts Like a Boss for Suntory

Tommy Lee Jones Boss Coffee Remember Bill Murray's struggling Suntory whiskey endorsement in Lost In Translation? Well that same maker has been producing a humorous TV commercial series for Boss Coffee starring Hollywood heavyweight Tommy Lee Jones.

Apparently, the original story line for this long-running ad campaign is that Tommy Lee and other Hollywood celebrities, are real supernatural, outer space aliens who lived and worked in Japan. Then after working various jobs, one day they all have to leave and return to their home planet. Sound familiar? Well for this series, one special extraterrestrial (TLJ) just has to come back to earth and Japan for some more Suntory Boss Coffee. And in this hilarious episode Tommy Lee really acts like a boss as a very strict high school teacher:

Note: The above clip is episode #34. For even more laughs be sure to see episodes 1-23 here.

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  1. Tommy Lee's Japanese has really improved alot! He sounds like a native speaker. He probably lives in Japan on a part-time basis or something.

  2. Thanks alot someothergaijin. You could be right. But I think that they may have him working with a voice coach now. Either that or they used some kind of advanced voice over that blended his voice in with a native Japanese male speaker's voice. Or they found a male Japanese voice artist who has the ability to impersonate Jones' voice. Who knows? But however they did it, they did it right on.