Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Blendtec's Olympus Camera Prophecy Video

Much like Japan's Yamaichi Securities and Livedoor, now the Olympus Corporation has been caught cooking its books for the past two decades! Apparently it all started back in the '90s over some bad investments that were covered up instead of written off. This all came about earlier this year after the company's first foreign CEO Michael Woodford recently questioned some past acquisitions and excessive advisory fees paid to mysterious middle men. Following that, Woodford was then immediately fired after only two weeks on the job! Sounds all too familiar with some other Gaijin and other Japanese firms these days.

However, a premonition of this global firm's explosive collapse was actually seen at least two years prior when the legendary Blendtec team created this funny and prophetic video Will It Blend? - New Olympus Cameras Get Mixed by Blendtec:

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  1. Hey Pongi! I heard that. Look I didn't know that my student was only 16! She told me she was 18! And the school manager also told me that she was a single "careera uman" too! What's a gaijin to do? FML.

  2. LOL! Classic. Thanks Pongi.

  3. Vely crever those Japanese businessmen---They "cover up" long string of legitimate losses from the '90s with huge bogus losses in the just the past two years made with yakuza controlled fake firms in the Cayman Islands. Yeah, now that's believable.