Friday, December 16, 2011

Batman vs Chinese Security Guards

Via Mediaite by James Crugnale December 15th, 2011

Hollywood's real Batman, Christian Bale, and a CNN camera crew were recently roughed up by some unidentified Chinese security guards who would not let Bale visit the blind human rights activist Chen Guangcheng who has been under house arrest for the past 15 months. Here is the CNN news video of this confrontation:

Bale was in China to promote the opening of his latest film The Flowers of War. A film based on the true story of the Japanese Nanjing Massacre in 1937. This movie just opened yesterday in China and will open in the US later this month. Here is a trailer for that film:

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  1. Bale is the God Damn Batman.

  2. Looks like another movie scene. Hey, maybe this was all a well-scripted publicity stunt for the new movie.