Friday, December 09, 2011

Chinese Cop On The Hood of a Speeding Car!

Via GoChengdoo: Chengdu & Sichuan living December 9th, 2011

In today's WTF OMFG news from China, it was reported that a Chinese traffic cop that attempted to stop an illegal taxi, somehow ended up clinging for his life on the hood of the car in a high-speed chase up to 150 Kmh for five (5) kilometers! Below is a news video of this incident:

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  1. ┏┓╋┏┓╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋┏┓

  2. Yet more proof that the Chinese are superior to all other humans.

  3. where was this Rob ?

  4. In Chengdu China. It's a miracle that the cop didn't fall off. And sure enough, he stopped that car Like A Boss!

  5. In Soviet China car drives you.