Saturday, March 03, 2012

Japan's #1 Forever Alone Musician

Japan's #1 Forever Alone Musician

Today we are very honored and delighted to bring you Japan's #1 forever alone musician/one man band - the wacky, good-humored and truly wonderful Mr. Funny Tombow:

What can you say? You just got to love him. Especially because he is playing and singing for the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami relief fund of the Japanese Red Cross.

Be sure to see more videos of the great Funny Tombow. And don't forget to visit his official website. (Japanese and English)

Note: This talented musician is only forever alone in the above video. In the parks and streets of Tokyo, he is very well liked and always draws a good-sized crowd.

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  1. LOL. The bubble machine just killed me. I spit iced coffee through my nose and on my keyboard.