Monday, April 02, 2012

Japan's Forever Alone Kissing Poster

Japan's Forever Alone Kissing Poster

Via Diginfo TV April 2, 2012

Remember last year when the development of Japanese Cats Ears For "Communication" aka "Necomimi" was revealed? Or how about Japan's Teledildonic kiss transmission device? Well now Keio University has unveiled a new prototype of their Forever Alone Kissing Poster aka "Pochiter." This interactive poster senses the distance of a person from itself and then reacts with a kiss and then a blush! Check out the below video and remember that this is NOT an April's fools joke:

"The current system only produces visual changes, but we could also include the scent of shampoo from the person's hair, or a lemon-flavored film on the lips, or a speaker that whispers "I love you." People who've tried this system advised us to do those things, so we think there's still plenty to be done. We've learned a lot from talking to users."

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  1. Forever Alone Guy (F.A.G.)10:03 AM, April 02, 2012

    Every Japanese forever alone just felt a strange disturbance in the force...

  2. Why did i just masturbate to that?

  3. This is great news for MOST* Japanese males under the age of 40---This poster is the closest they will ever get to kissing.

    *Yes, "MOST"---Charming Japanese girls refuse to interact with males without money and the majority of Japanese males under the age of 40 are free from the burden of employment.