Monday, April 30, 2012

Skateboarders Film Kim Il Sung's 100th Birthday Bash

Skateboarders Film Kim Il Sung's 100th Birthday Bash in The DPRK

Via The Atlantic Apr 30 2012

A team of skateboarders were not allowed to skate in Pyongyang, so the video maker of the group, Patrik Wallner, turned his camera to the The 100th Birthday Celebration of Kim Il Sung in North Korea and created a beautiful short documentary of the eternal leader's big birthday extravaganza. From their Virtualtravelling website:
Traveling to Hermit Kingdom is already bizarre enough, but when we heard that North Korea would be celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Great Leader & eternal president, Kim Il-sung, there was no way to let such an epic birthday party slip through our hands. Laurence Keefe, Kirill Korobkov and I flew over to Pyongyang for two days to witness the madness. While skateboarding within the DPRK was our main intention, it was overshadowed by the celebrations & the 'no sliding' anywhere rule. The three minute clip portrays a small insight into North Korea from the 15th of April 2012.

And here is the clip entitled "Kim Il Sung's Birthday Party":

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From North Korea: 'Pyongyang Style' by Steve Gong

The 100th Birthday of Kim Il Sung in North Korea

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  2. I love how the baby is not smiling and waving in a "get me the hell out of here" gesture.

  3. Quality footage, a sheer respect for the great leader....WTF SKATERS IN MAH DPRK PRODUCED VIDEO?!?!?!?!

  4. Thank you Jinnai. Unlike other tourist videos out of North Korea, this one really stands out. Both from the HD quality and how Patrik Wallner got so close to the people and captured the happy emotions during the celebration. You can see more of his videos here: here.