Friday, May 25, 2012

Julie Watai in New Music Video

Julie Watai in New Music VideoJulie Watai in New Music Video

Via mishmash*Julie Watai May 24, 2012

Released yesterday, here are some nice photos of Julie Watai as seen during the current production of a new music video by mishmash*Julie Watai. Dressed in this smart tour guide uniform, Julie will also be seen on the upcoming new website for this popular music duo.

For more information please visit the mishmash* website or the official Facebook page.


Julie Watai & Toyoaki Mishima Photo

Julie Watai & mishmash* Debut Single "Roll of Love"


  1. Thanks for the post. Can't wait to see this new music video.

  2. She is an engineer too so math is definitely a factor in her success somehow.

  3. This was very easy to masturbate to.