Sunday, June 10, 2012

CinemaGazer: High Speed Video Viewing

CinemaGazer: High Speed Video Viewing

From the inventor of the STFU SpeechJammer here is another wacky invention that enables video viewing at very high speed and at "understandably fast" speed. Yes, now you too can watch a full-length Superman cartoon TV episode in just four fast minutes (240 seconds) with the versatile CinemaGazer!

But wait there's more!

For you video viewing experts out there it is now possible to watch that same Superman cartoon TV episode in just TWO MINUTES (120 seconds):

This is all done through a "versatile video encoder that enables movie viewing with two-level fast-forwarding on any mobile device by specifying the speed of playback, the reading rate, or the overall viewing time." This new tool can be downloaded for free from here. It is Windows compatible only and the documentation is all in Japanese only. Perhaps there is some usefulness for this encoder but the time required to encode an average 30-minute TV segment down to two or four minutes is not specified. But for sure that task will require some hours, indeed.


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  1. This is another reason why the Japanese are superior to all other human beings.

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  3. How does one become an "expert" at watching videos?