Friday, August 17, 2012

Japan's "Brain Disco" Kicks Out Boring DJs

Japan's Brain Disco Kicks Out Boring DJs

Did you ever go to a club and leave soon because the DJ's music sucks? Well, you don't have to run away anymore. The same company that brought us the very popular magical thinking cap known as "Necomimi" Japanese Cats Ears For "Communication", neurowear has teamed up with Qosmo for an all new wacky brainwave scanning device known as the Brain Disco! What is a "Brain Disco"? Well, perhaps it is best understood in the manufacturer's own words:
neurowear, teamed up with Qosmo (, developed "Brain Disco", where DJ must maintain audiences' "attention", measured with brainwave sensors, in order to keep DJing. If the average attention value remains less than a given threshold, DJ gets kicked out. The first Brain Disco experiment has been held at Gallery KATA Ebisu in July 26. (Video by grkt Inc.

Below is a short promo video for this new useless contraption high-tech mind reader:

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  1. This is so exciting! Japanese technology is the best. I wonder what they will think up next.

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  3. I really want to go to an exciting Japanese disco like "CLUB BRRRAINS"!

  4. thanks for sharing.