Monday, October 01, 2012

NMA TV on Justin Bieber Blowing Chunks Video

NMA TV on Justin Bieber Blowing Chunks

Via NMA TV October 1, 2012

On the opening night of his Believe Tour, Justin Beiber suddenly vomited during the September 29th show in Glendale, Arizona. This video was uploaded by a fan soon afterwards and went viral throughout the internets. It was reported that Bieber claimed that he drank milk before the show and that made him sick. Well now the venerable Next Media Animation TV has weighed in with their funny 3D animation news video on this incident and asks what do you think made Justin Bieber blow chunks?


Justin Beiber Concert in North Korea


  1. They turned up his monitor and, finally, he heard his own music and then puked!

  2. It is probably morning sickness.

  3. No worries. Beiber just gacked up a little hairball from licking his own butt.