Friday, December 14, 2012

From Emotionless Japan "Tailly" Is Unveiled

From Emotionless Japan Tailly Is Unveiled

In the past two years or so, we have seen some really creative, high-tech Japanese "communication" devices unveiled like Japan's New Communication w/ Yourself Invention, Japanese Cats Ears For "Communication" and Japanese Virtual Web Sex Technology which features the "PenisTron" and a "Communication Hole Rider" that allows users to anonymously experience virtual sex via the internet. It's all somewhat complicated but apparently we humans "can still have sex because it's just data." O.O

Now a company known as Kiluck, which handled the production of the “necomimi” or "cat's ears", brings us the all new excitement communication device known as "Tailly", the tail that wags when you get excited! This has to be seen to be believed:

From Kiluck's official kickstarter page we found the following description: "Tailly is a wearable wagging tail which reacts to the user’s heart rate. When you wear Tailly, you’ll radiate cuteness and happiness!"

Mmmmmkkkaaaayyy, so what about just smiling, laughing and actually saying your true feelings instead?



Because Japan.

We expect this device to become very popular, very quickly in Japan when released. It will be available in various colors:

From Emotionless Japan Tailly Is Unveiled

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  1. Dear Japan,

    What in the name of ever loving fuck?


    The Rest of The World

  2. Before the "Tailly," the prototype back in May was named “Shippo." Their international product naming is clueless, but the marketing this to Furries is spot on.

  3. Thank you Mr. T. I saw that name and was wondering what it was for. Now we know that “Shippo" = "Tailly" ok got it!