Saturday, November 03, 2012

WTF Japanese Yahoo Auction of The Earth!

Japanese Yahoo Auction of The Earth!

Via Rocket News 24 November 1, 2012

It has long been known that in fact the earth was originally made in Japan. Also, we all know that in the past, Japan has built some really crazy things. For example back in 1993, Japan installed a new ocean right next to the old ocean in Japan! That worked well for a while. Then just last year, Japan installed a new world in Japan! So now it only makes sense that a Japanese seller is running an online Yahoo auction of The Earth itself!

Product Image:

Japanese Yahoo Auction of The Earth!

And below is a Google translation Google Engrish generation of the product description:

The earth is yours God will come out to dream again, this before. Since I Sell said. The exhibit is the body of the earth. We exhibited this in tears because of the lack of money. Do you want to own the earth things too? I have also set unprecedented speedy. Please consult the shipping method. Thank you that do not know there was something in the question. Tender who prank, our excellent collection agents will always ask. Please let us know as soon as possible in case of cancellation. Because I do not want the trouble as possible. Because those who do not cancel the tender considered proof of purchase intention is confirmed from the question column - from God - that there is no proof of purchase intention please purchase intention from the question column m bidders (__) m with God evaluation in consultation than 10, those over 5% might cancel bid or bad evaluation. Well even if it is what I say ... the last time was very sorry for the inconvenience to everyone with a great deal of new asshole shit you do not read the air. (Minutes added 16:22, October 30, 2012) There is no speedy now ... Oh (additional 57 minutes at 10 October 31, 2012) purchased within one hour after the successful bid including early termination because there are many tender Rashiki bid prank too If you can not I will cancel the message of making a bid by the highest bidder convenience. Please bid on your note (additional 38 minutes at 11 October 31, 2012) does not answer to the same contents. Sense to ask the questions on the Q & A was perusing all. (Additional 59 minutes at 17 October 31, 2012) is no longer interesting because you have reached the limit amount bid. Secretariat like yahoo, Suka What should I do? (Added 23 hours 25 minutes 31 October 2012) when you go to bed 50 minutes ... 23 I'm sorry. (Additional 33 minutes at 8:00 on November 1, 2012) I think what everyone Secretariat Yahoo auction bid of this energy, does not help anything? Thank you consider (additional 08 minutes at 0 November 03, 2012) I'm sorry. Please ask your questions on the person doing the similar products and questions because of the bad condition I had a flu vaccination me. I think tomorrow will be slow because it is after a long break. Thank you consider. (19:01 minutes added November 04, 2012) Please tender only so please buy really came also reduced bid mischief soon. I've been too tired to work tender cancellation. Thank you.

This auction of The Earth will continue for two more days. As of this writing, the current bid is at 20,500 yen ($255.42). However, that amount could change at any minute as the seller stipulates that each bid must include a message from the buyer that expresses a serious intent to actually purchase the Earth. If it doesn't happen, then the seller will start the auction all over again at 69 yen ($0.86). For more information, please refer directly to the official Japanese Yahoo Auction page.

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  1. Oh my God! This is pure Japanese WTF humor at its best.

  2. Dear Japan,

    What in the name of ever loving fuck?


    The Rest of The World