Tuesday, December 04, 2012

mishmash*Julie Watai 1st Album Release

mishmash*Julie Watai 1st Album Release

Here is a scan of my signed copy of the mishmash*Julie Watai 1st Album that will be released tomorrow (12-5) at record stores throughout Japan and via the Nature Bliss web store. The standard release includes a music CD with 13 wonderful songs, a colorful 44-page booklet that contains the Japanese and English lyrics to all the songs, exclusive photos of Julie Watai and a 22-page manga comic strip story entitled "My Quarter Note" and a special serial code to download all the music videos from this album. You can preview the high quality music videos at the below links. Indeed, this standard package is quite a unique and special offer for only 3,900 yen (US $47.60).

"But wait! There's more!" There are also some very limited special gift packages that include all of the above plus a tee-shirt, a memo pad, stickers and other items and an individualized recorded voice message from Julie Watai. Some of these are already sold out and, most likely, the standard release package will also be sold out in a very short time. Also, there are some cute character keychains that commemorate this first album release available here. So hurry on over to the Nature Bliss web store and make your reservation now!

mishmash*Julie Watai is Toyoaki Mishima, Julie Watai and Masu Hiroshi Masuyama. If the standard release package sells out, you can always download this group's popular mp3 songs from Amazon, Ototoy and iTunes.


mishmash*Julie Watai Release Go Furby Go

Julie Watai & mishmash* Debut Single "Roll of Love"

mishmash*Julie Watai 'Veiled by Reverb' 2nd Single

mishmash*Julie Watai Release 3rd Single


  1. Looks very kewl! I'll try to pick this up later today. Thanks Rob.

  2. I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Thank you.