Sunday, December 23, 2012

VPN's "Midnight Cooking" Enka TV Show

VPN's Midnight Cooking Enka TV Show

Vermillion Pleasure Night was a very funny, offbeat late-night TV comedy show that was so popular some DVDs of the show were released as well as a CD of the show's many soundtracks. In addition to that, a complete collection of all the Vermillion Pleasure Night show segments was released in early 2009. For a TV show that was only on the air for about a half year in 2000, that's really something special, indeed.

In this short skit, two beautiful Japanese "cooking teachers" ham it up while singing karaoke-style enka and showing us how not to prepare seaweed soup, pickles and curried rice on VPN's "Midnight Cooking" TV segment. This version includes English subtitles and will probably be taken down soon so check it out!

VPN's Midnight Cooking Enka TV Show


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  1. One of the greatest Japanese TV shows ever made. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. This show was so great! Thanks a lot.