Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Cute Japanese Girl Screaming Racism & Hatred

Cute Japanese Girl Screaming Racism & Hatred

Is Japan a racist country?

Is this typical behavior among Japanese girls nowadays?

What is the difference between this video and Medama Sensei's "Racism in Japan" videos?

This very unusual and shocking video was filmed just the other day in front of Tsuruhashi 鶴橋 station in Osaka, Japan. In this we see a young and cute (?) Japanese girl destroying all the myths about her by shouting explicit racism and hatred against Korean people living in that area. She actually yells "We will start the Tsuruhashi Massacre like the Nanking Massacre!" Believe it or not, this kind of protest is legal and not uncommon in Japan, but seeing this done by a young middle school girl is quite rare, indeed. It makes us wonder if her parents are aware of this or not. OK, one last question:

Could this legally happen in the USA? Discuss.


Is Japan a Racist Country?

Update on "Racism in Japan" Video by Medama Sensei


  1. Nope. Never happen in the US. Especially right in front of a bunch of cops. Are you kidding me? NO WAY!

  2. Imagine talking to your younger brother in middle school. And this happens...

    You: So what are you going to do today?

    Him: Oh we got soccer practice. And then we're going down to the train station to scream and shout racism and hatred against all the Koreans here.

    You: WTF? O_O

  3. "Could this legally happen in the USA?"

    Yeah, right. She would probably get tasered and pepper sprayed for being a "terrorist"

  4. Thank you giusi_svenuta. I just found another copy. Hopefully it will be there for at least another 24 hours! Thank you again.