Friday, April 19, 2013

Yun*Chi Releases "Shake You" Mini Album

Yun*Chi Releases Shake You Mini Album

Via Natalie Tv 4-16-2013

This past week we've had a fairly uneventful letdown in Asian news overall as The Great Eater failed to destroy the United States, Japan and Korea all in one big giant blowhard! I mean come on Kim what's up dude?!?! Oh yeah, we all know you're just so ronery! But don't worry, Ambassador Rodman is "coming again to save the motherf#cking day YEAH!!!"

However, there was one big huge explosion of musical happiness and stunning beauty that went off big time in Japan when our favorite Asobi System singer/songwriter Yun*Chi released her new mini album entitled "Shake You" just the other day. Here she is performing the title track on Nihon TV's new music variety show called Music Dragon ミュージックドラゴン. And, don't worry guys, you don't need to understand Japanese to fall in love with her forever:

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  1. WOW! Now that is one gorgeous idol. She can shake me all night long - bring it on babe!

  2. Just went to Amazon and it said that this album is temporarily unavailable! You know this is going to be very big. Very big!