Tuesday, May 21, 2013

mishmash*Julie Watai "Electromotive romances"

Just released earlier today by mishmash*Julie Watai here is their fifth single "Electromotive romances":

mishmash*Julie Watai is Cornelius' long time music programmer Mr. T. Mishima, contemporary artist Julie Watai and producer Masu Hiroshi Masuyama. "Electromotive romances" was composed by Benkei with video by TDKKKM and illustrations by Hiroyuki Takahashi. This song will be available on iTunes and Amazon on May 27th.


mishmash*Julie Watai Release "Go Furby Go"

mishmash*Julie Watai 1st Album Release

Julie Watai & Toyoaki Mishima Photo

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  1. An dazzling display of beautiful illustrations and a cool song too!