Thursday, October 20, 2011

SNL: J-Pop America Fun Time Now!

As seen on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, three college students (weaboos) celebrate their love of Japanese culture with their TV show J-Pop America Fun Time Now on Michigan State Campus TV:

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  1. Sadly, all I can see of the SNL video "J-Pop America Fun Time Now!" here in Japan (and everywhere else outside the USA) is an error message telling me to "Get fuckqued: You are not in the USA."

    Folks outside the US will have settle for this mega-crappy copy:

  2. Sorry to hear about that Taro. Have you tried a web browser VPN? One good, free VPN can be downloaded at Hotspot Shield. The hotspot shield can also be configured for the iPhone, iPad, DoCoMo etc. Check it out!

  3. The funniest wigs ever. I had an absolute blast.