Friday, December 16, 2011

WTF Japan Accepts Worldwide Refugees!

Midor Anzen ミドリ安全株式会社Mmmmmm......not really. But for at least one foreigner obsessed with smoking and going to Japan, all of his dreams come true in this very funny and ironic WTF TV short:

Actually, this is a somewhat dated ad for Midor Anzen ミドリ安全株式会社 and its useless "smoking section machines" that are seen in just about every office all over the nation. Below is a wacky google translation Engrish generation of one of this company's Q&A's:

I want to maintain yourself?

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  1. LOL. There is nothing quite like the experience of riding a packed like sardines, reeking train full of bad salarymen breath and way too much perfume. And then going into an office with the ever present smell of smoke. I love Japan come on down!

  2. I need to marry this video.