Monday, December 19, 2011

NMA TV on Kim Jong Il's Death

Always right on time, today Taiwan's Next Media Animation TV just released their funny 3D animation video on yesterday's passing of Kim Jong Il:

However the good news now is that the NEW KIM IS BEST KIM!!

Also it is well known that Kim Jong Il enjoys looking at things so now he is "relaxing" and looking at the ceiling:

Kim Jon Il relaxing and looking at the ceiling

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  1. HAHAHA! The death of a God-like dictator and the loss of a major internet meme.

  2. Hopefully NK will see a move toward more individual freedom now that the hard-liner is finally gone.

  3. I hear he really liked to look at things...

  4. Richard said...
    I hear he really liked to look at things...

    Do you mean like looking at the ceiling?

    [Please insert photo.]

  5. Thank you Mr. T. I just now posted the pic.