Saturday, October 13, 2012

Japan's Mount Fuji Chaotic Eruption Warning

Japan's Mount Fuji Chaotic Eruption Warning

Via ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) October 13, 2012

After three centuries of peace, scientists are now predicting that Japan's Mount Fuji could soon have an eruption. Recently there have been other volcanic eruptions in other countries that previoiusly had magnitude nine earthquakes. Because of that, the chances of a Fuji flare up are increased since last year's 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Fukushima. Apparently the government of Japan is aware of this, but has done little in preparation for this potentially massive natural disaster. Below is a recent NTDTV news video on this current issue:

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  1. Damn. Japan can't have another natural or man made disaster. Where is the Japanese government now?