Thursday, February 21, 2013

US Reporters Pwn China's Ministry of Hacking

Chinese keystone cops running after the reporters car

Earlier this week, a computer security company known as Mandiant released a report (PDF) that alleges China's Military conducted numerous cyber attacks and committed grand theft of top secret data from many U.S government and U.S. companies' computer networks. The report claims that this blitzkreig originated from the Shanghai-based PLA Unit 61398 which is located inside this building:

US Reporters Film China's Ministry of Hacking

So when some US reporters filmed pwned China's Top Secret Ministry of Hacking, hilarity ensued when some Chinese keystone cops started running after the reporters car while the reporters yelled "Keep driving! Drive away! Drive away!" Check out this funny video:

UPDATE: Just like the North Korean Harlem Shake Video, somehow we knew this Harlem SHAKE + Crazy Chinese soldiers chasing American journalists! version was coming soon:

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  1. LOL! Hilarious! Those cops got so pwned. Thanks for this.

  2. Yet more proof that the Chinese are vastly superior to all other humans - they can run faster than a car!

  3. Dumb ass Americans. I hope they got busted. What do you think would happen if some foreigners video taped the Pentagon? "D'UH!"

  4. According to Tokyo Desu:

    Lady Gaga May Have Killed a Japanese Man With Witchcraft

    "Akihisa Yumi, a Miyagi Prefecture dentist, died just one day after donating a spooky, probably meat be-draped teacup once owned by Lady Gaga to the Miyagi prefectural government; a gift that appears to indicate a trend of people inexplicably donating non-money objects to the tsunami-stricken prefecture’s rebuilding."